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Terminal Large White Boar Customers worldwide confirm that the progeny of the Terminal Boars supplied by us grow faster than those of our competitors from 70 kgs onwards and by maturing later, continue to grow lean tissue up to 230 kgs - for an excellent final carcase.

Boars from 35 - 95 kg have achieved a Food Conversion ratio of 1.76. An outstanding average lean meat % of 63.2 has been achieved from a delivery of 98 pigs for slaughter.

Terminal Ace Large Whites

Terminal Aces They produce uniform carcase pigs with:

  • lowest cost lean tissue gain
  • high ADG
  • accelerated growth at heavier weights
  • high lean meat %
  • higher % more expensive joints

The boar with durability and libido

Terminal 2000 Boars

Terminal 2000 Boar Bred from Large White and Duroc terminal lines. The advantages are:

  • Increased birth weight and improved meat quality
  • accelerated growth at the higher weights
  • producing excellent carcases
  • better meat eating quality

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