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Breeding Improvement Pyramid

Breeding Improvement Pyramid

The gilts and boars with the highest genetic potential and sound conformation are retained to regenerate the Nucleus Herds of GGP stock.
The Grand Parent progeny of the Nucleus Herds multiply the Welsh Landrace and Large White maternal lines to produce Hybrid Parent Gilts. These are then mated to a Terminal boar to produce the superior slaughter generation.

The Breeding Programmes
Our three breeding programmes offer the variety needed to suit different environmental conditions and market requirements.

Programme 1

The advantages of combining the Large White Terminal Ace Boar with a Milday Gilt are that the uniform progeny have: low food conversion; lowest fat depth; highest lean meat percentage and optimum carcase quality.

programme 1

Programme 2 Programme 2

Mating Terminal 2000 Boars onto Milday Gilts gives: extra viability at birth; faster growth rate; more robust progeny and superb taste - the ideal pig for meat eating quality.

Programme 3

Terminal Large White Ace Boars mated on to Tri-bred Gilts. The progeny are most durable and better able to operate in harsh conditions.

Programme 3

Maternal GP Breeding Stock is available to customers who wish to produce their own parent gilts, with advice and service to ensure a correct breeding programme.

What our customers say...

Robust, productive quality pigs supplied over many years, fit in well, grow well and last well. It is nice to deal with independents who have made progress their lives work.

John Gray, Mersea, Essex

I prefer MILDAY Gilts on my outdoor unit compared with any other companies' gilts, they have more pigs born, milk better and consequently rear more pigs per sow per year. We average 12.33 born per litter.

David Coles, Manea, Cambridgeshire

Very prolific, good, fleshy and hard wearing sows that will average eight parities. Economic to feed and adapt well to early weaning of good uniform pigs. The personal service for selection and support is excellent.

Neil Haworth, Sedburgh, Cumbria.

The breeding stock we are supplied by J J Genetics is top quality and the results are excellent. They are the best value for money.

Adair Torbet, P C Bath Farm, Bedford

The progeny of the stock supplied by J J Genetics achieved an FCR of 2.2 based on all the pigs sold last year averaging 100 kg liveweight

Ralph Everett, Ely, Cambs.


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