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J J Genetics have supplied breeding stock to 53 countries and have played a major part in improving the genetic potential of pig breeding companies worldwide.

We continually improve the natural attributes of our breeds and strains to achieve pigs that will meet the future requirements of the world pig markets.

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Champion meat J J Genetics has two joint venture production units in the USA: the first with Shaffers Superior Genetics of Indianna, who have 5800 sows under their control; the second with Stephenson's Superior Swine International of Georgia. We have built up nucleus units with these businesses and are already selling Terminal Boars and Gilts from our blood lines in America.

In the Phillipines, Madison Square Farm corporation Breeding Company, to whom we supply all their GP Gilts and Boars, are selling F1 Hybrid Gilts at well over the average Phillipino price because of their superior performance.

Another group in Thailand have improved the numbers born in their commercial herds by 1.6 pigs per litter by changing to our Milday Gilts.

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Typical Production figures:
Based on recent UK results we would expect commercial customers, using our Milday Gilts mated to our Meatline Boars, to achive the following results - provided the stock has the correct management and nutrition:

Numbers born alive - 11.5 - 12.5 per litter Numbers reared - 10 - 11 per litter
Days to 100 kg - 152 FCR - 2.24
ADG 35 - 100 kgs - 815 gm P2 72 kg - 10.6
Average % lean meat carcase - 59%

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